Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Super-Villain Gives Dating Advice (video)

by Chris Pearson & Allan Piper

The Infamous Professor Fear is best known for his repeated attempts at world domination. Lately however, he has been working on a different sort of project. Instead of releasing a horde of robot monsters to take over the city, as he so often does, this week he released a new dating-guide.

Many consumers may be reluctant to trust Prof. Fear after trying his patented facial cream, which instantly melts away wrinkles (along with all other flesh), or his anti-gravity weight-loss pills, which do not result in the loss of any fat, but have caused thousands of obese people to weightlessly drift off into the atmosphere. However, the caped criminal claims this new book is absolutely not part of an insidious plot to conquer the world. Jennifer Houston has this report.

Joe Smith of IPR contributed to this story. Artwork by Christie Allan-Piper. Support this video at Funny or Die!

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  1. "Kidnap the Philharmonic and have them make a quilt!"