Monday, March 23, 2009

Broadway Star Hopes for Big Break as Waiter

NEW YORK- Since he was a child, Tony Lamont has dreamt of being a waiter. "I remember the first time my parents took me to a restaurant," he recalls. "The servers were so handsome in their white shirts, and their attitude made it clear how superior they were to us non-waiters. Right away I knew that's what I wanted to be."

Although Lamont has been forced to take on "real jobs" as a leading man in major Broadway shows, he has not given up on his dream, studying tirelessly to be what's known as a "triple threat" waiter. "I know French service. I know my wines, and I can get behind the bar, too."

In his day job, Lamont may be doing something as mundane as a Chekhov monologue, or a Fosse dance number, but his heart remains focused on his goal, which seems to be drawing steadily closer. "Just last summer I booked my first job on Restaurant Row," says Lamont, beaming. "Okay, technically it was off-Restaurant Row. Actually off-off Restaurant Row." A moment later, he confesses, "Okay it was a soup kitchen, but you should have seen the reviews I got. The lady with that thing on her neck said I had real potential."

Lamont is confident his big break is just around the corner. "I won't be punching the clock at the theatre forever," he says confidently. "Right now you can see me in the Broadway revival of Carousel, but next year look for me at Le Cirque."

Jen Houston contributed to this report.

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