Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God Praises Archbishop in Public Statement

HEAVEN- In a statement released by the Angel Gabriel, God announced His satisfaction with Brazilian Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho's decision to excommunicate doctors for saving the life of a nine-year-old girl. The doctors performed an abortion for the girl, who was pregnant with twins, after allegedly having been raped by her step-father.

The doctors believed that for such a small girl to carry the twins to term would have been fatal. The archbishop excommunicated both the doctors and the girl's mother (but not the step-father). In His statement, God praised Sobrinho for "upholding the sanctity of life."

When asked whether the doctors were not in fact the ones upholding the sanctity of life by saving the life of of the girl, Gabriel clarified, "given the choice between the life of one haggard, world-weary nine-year-old with at best ninety years left in her, and two innocent little protoplasms that could live a century, the priority is pretty clear."

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