Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is God Gay?

NEW YORK- Gay Pride Week began with a rainy start last weekend. Our conservative columnist, Irwin Kram cited this as proof of God's displeasure with homosexuals, and predicted that the rain would continue through today's climactic parade. Click here to see his comments.

Instead, today is proving to be one of the few sunny days New York has had in the past few months. On top of that, Gay Pride celebrators witnessed a gigantic double rainbow over the West Village on the eve of the parade.

Several theologians have taken the rainbow as evidence that God Himself is gay. Other evidence includes His Old Testament obsession with men's penises, the fact that He is continually pictured surrounded by scantily clad male angels with long beautiful hair, and the fact that in 14 billion years, there has never been a Mrs. God.

The Inquisition puts the question to question to you, our readers. Do you believe God is Gay, and why? Please post your comments below.

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