Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran Turmoil Obama's Fault

WASHINGTON DC- As pundits debate how best to respond to the tumult in Iran, one thing is clear: it is all President Obama's fault. In a Fox News interview yesterday, John McCain, the former presidential candidate, best remembered for his savvy international diplomacy and his hit single, "Bomb Iran," blamed the president's "timid and passive" stance for the current situation. In the Weekly Standard, William Kristol and Stephen Hayes called Obama a "de facto ally of President Mahmud Ahmadinejadi."

A report from the American Truth Foundation, demonstrates how the president's Iran position is part of a pattern of failing to take action at moments of international crisis. "Obama is showing the same lax, dictator-coddling attitude now that he did when the Iranian theocracy first came to power in 1979," Foundation spokesperson, Mitchell Willburn says. During the Iranian revolution, the eighteen-year-old future president was quoted as saying, "yeah, whatever," which was widely regarded as an endorsement of the Ayatollah's regime.

According to the Foundation's report, Obama showed a similar lack of conviction as a seven-year-old when the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia. In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the one-year-old Obama's public statements were downright unintelligible. "By contrast," Willburn points out, "John McCain, who was seventy-four at the time, endorsed a decisive strategy of nuclear assault."

While it is clear that President Obama is not doing enough to aid Iranian democracy, it is equally clear that he is doing way, way too much. An array of conservative foreign policy experts, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcraft have spoken out against speaking out in support of the demonstrators, claiming that it will only strengthen Ahmadinejad.

Though the conservative position may appear contradictory, Willburn explains that nothing could be further from the truth. "If we advocate tougher rhetoric one day and smoother diplomacy the next, liberals may see a contradiction because they don't realize that we are focused on principles, not political positions. Our core belief is that Obama is always wrong, and no matter what he does, that's not going to change."

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