Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saints Lose Super Bowl, GOP Says

Last month, when Pres. Obama picked the New Orleans Saints as the team he'd be rooting for in the Super Bowl, Republicans declared that a loss by the Saints would be another indicator that the Obama administration is failing. On Sunday, the president's critics were proven right. Although the Saints scored more points than the Indianapolis Colts (31-17), they failed to beat the Colts by a super-majority of more than 60 points. Republicans are therefore declaring the Obama-backed Saints the losing team.
The Super Bowl loss is part of a string of embarrassing defeats for the president that continued this week as Republicans scored a majority of 33 votes against a meager 52 Democratic votes to block the president's nominee to serve on the always fiercely-debated National Labor Relations Board. Republicans are also using their majority of 41 out of 100 Senate seats to block health reform, financial reform, the latest jobs bill, and anything else the president plans to do ever.

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