Friday, February 19, 2010

Americans Cross Mexican Border Looking for Jobs

MEXICALI- With US jobless claims jumping another 31,000 in the past week, and Republicans promising to filibuster the new Senate jobs bill, more Americans are sneaking into Mexico in search of a better life. Unemployment in Mexico is roughly 5%, substantially less than America's current rate of 9.7%

"I don't want to take jobs away from Mexicans," says Dale Fitzsimmons, a former real estate broker who smuggled his wife and children across the border in the trunk of his car, so there would be room in the back seat for his plasma TV, "I just want to do the jobs Mexicans are unwilling to do."

Unfortunately for Fitzsimmons, there are no jobs Mexicans are unwilling to do. "No really," Fitzsimmons says, "I'll clean toilets, or pick fruit in the sun for like a dollar a day, anything to pay my credit card minimums."

Fitzsimmons was disheartened to learn that Mexicans already are doing those very jobs. "Seriously? Who the f**k told me these people were lazy?"

Until the US jobs market improves, analysts predict that Americans will continue to flock to Mexico, and other nations with lower unemployment, like Belize, Namibia, and Bangladesh.

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