Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GOP Poised to Dominate Senate, 41-59

WASHINGTON, DC- The balance of Senate power is up for grabs in today's Massachusetts special election. If Republican state senator/nude model Scott Brown defeats Democrat Martha Coakley, the GOP will control the Senate with a 41 Republican to 59 Democrat majority, effectively crushing the entire Democratic legislative agenda.

Although Republican senators were able to successfully push through their own legislation during most of the Bush years, with only a 51-49 seat lead, Democrats admit that without a filibuster-proof, 60 seat majority it is unlikely that they will be able to accomplish anything.

Since Democrats historically have been what political strategists describe as "a bunch of pussies," many pundits believe that even 60 seats is not enough, and that with anything short of a 100 seat Senate majority, Democrats will be politically, and physiologically impotent.

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