Monday, September 14, 2009

Actual Nazi Disappointed by Obama Healthcare Plan

WASHINGTON, DC- On Saturday, thousands swarmed the National Mall to protest President Obama's proposed healthcare reform. Once again, many protesters bore signs comparing the president to Hitler, but for former S.S. officer, Heinrich Gutter, it was a pale comparison.

"I got so excited when Fox News told me 'Obamacare' had a Nazi agenda," the 89-year-old German immigrant explains. "I assumed the bill would have a provision for killing 6 million Jews, or at least an attempt at total world domination, but what did I find? Bupkis!"

Upon reading the proposed bill, Gutter was appalled to find neither any actual Nazi plans, nor any entertaining fake Nazi plans, like stealing the Ark of the Covenant or keeping Hitler's brain alive inside a jar. "If it weren't bad enough that the bill won't kill anyone," Gutter complains, "it probably even will save millions. I am so disappointed with this president." Gutter looks forward to supporting Sarah Palin in 2012.

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