Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glenn Beck Uses Spelling to Expose Obama Agenda

NEW YORK- On Thursday, Fox's Glenn Beck used a new scientific method to prove that President Barack Obama is trying to undermine American democracy. Beck demonstrated that if you take the first letters of the words "Obama," "left," "internationalist," "graft," "ACORN," "revolutionaries," and "hidden agenda," you get the word "OLIGARH," which Beck explained was just one letter away from "OLIGARCHY."

Technically it's two letters away. Beck forgot the letter "C." However, Beck is not one to be embarrassed by misspelling a word on national television. He has never claimed to be a fancy speller like President Obama or Cookie Monster.

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If Beck's methodology is correct, his acronym provides irrefutable evidence not only that Obama is an oligarch (or perhaps an oligarh), but that he and ACORN are involved in revolutionary international graft.

Skeptics initially doubted whether grouping a series of unrelated words to almost spell another word can reveal a public figure's true nature, until further research demonstrated that the first letters of the phrase, "Dangerous Un-American Maniac Beck, Fox's Ugly Conspiracy-theorist Klansman" spell "DUMBF*CK."

The Inquisition invites you, our readers to post your own acronyms in the comment section below.

Stefan Avalos contributed to this report.


  1. Considering you did this story on Saturday, perhaps you should have followed up with Friday's show. He left out the C intentionally because he was counting on liberal bloggers such as yourself to call him an idiot. The white house was insisting he stop referring to the special advisors as "Czars". He took it out of the acronym. Then on Friday because of the brilliant liberal bloggers wanting to do nothing but call Glenn an idiot used that as a point to bring the term Czars back. You can't spell Oligarchy without the C. Regardless of what the whitehouse says the only person they've complained to about referring to the special advisors as czars about is Glenn. That's because they can't dispute any of the other facts and questions he's brought up. Perhaps instead of just being a blind an naive follower of Daily Kos and the Huffington Post, you can do your own research. Especially since your "breaking news" was two days late, after it had all been explained.

  2. Irwin Kram says...

    David is right. Clearly Beck knew the correct spelling of "oligarch," or he wouldn't have been able to come up with the missing letter a mere twenty-four hours later. Beck INTENTIONALLY misspelled the word to make liberal bloggers look stupid.

    I used similar tactics throughout elementary school, and boy did my liberal nazi socialist czar-loving oligarch teachers look like fools when they marked up my spelling tests. I also INTENTIONALLY got hit by the ball in gym class and INTENTIONALLY soiled my pants in the cafeteria.

    And before you liberals start attacking David for his own spelling, let me assure you he intentionally misspelled the word "and" in the phrase "blind and naive." The missing "D" stands for "devil-worship."

    Now we're not saying Obama is a devil-worshipper, but isn't it awfully suspicious that he's never come out and said he isn't? If he's not willing to address the issue himself, maybe we should just ask one of his "czars."