Sunday, December 12, 2010

Other 2 Guys from U2 Make 'Ant-Man' Musical

Ever since U2 hit the charts over twenty years ago, frontman Bono, and guitarist The Edge have been household names. But the band also has two other members. They recently talked with the Inquisition about their upcoming Broadway musical about the widely disregarded Marvel superhero, Ant-Man.

INQ: So you guys are really in U2?
INQ: That's so cool. Have you met Bono?
THAT OTHER GUY: Yes. We're in the band together.
INQ: That's awesome. Do you ever get to go on tour with him and The Edge?
THE BLOND GUY: We are half of U2. The band is the four of us.
INQ: I bet girls are really impressed that you know Bono.
THAT OTHER GUY: Or that we're in the band.
INQ: So you're making a rock musical about Ant-Man?
THE BLOND GUY: Yes. He's one of Marvel's greatest superheroes. He has the strength of an ant.
THAT OTHER GUY: He can carry a crumb clean across the room.
THE BLOND GUY: And he can talk to ants.
INQ: What do they say?
THE BLOND GUY: Well, not much really. They're just ants.
THAT OTHER GUY: So in the musical, all the world's supervillains have teamed up, and Ant-Man has to stop them.
INQ: From taking over the world?
THE BLOND GUY: From having a picnic. The director is a true visionary. Have you seen the Lion King?
INQ: Yes.
THE BLOND GUY: Well, he directed the show across the street from it.
INQ: So what else are you working on?
THAT OTHER GUY: We're working on something with Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood.
INQ: Who?
THE BLOND GUY: The other two guys in the Rolling Stones.
INQ: So just one more question, can you introduce me to Bono?

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