Monday, July 5, 2010

Dems Break Filibuster to Confirm Poet Laureate

WASHINGTON, DC - WS Merwin was confirmed as Poet Laureate last week, despite fierce opposition from Republicans over his "un-American" syntax and his "divisively partisan" use of irregular meter. "This appointment proves how recklessly out of touch this administration is with mainstream America," says Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who in 2008 made the appointment of Merwin a key component of his own poetry platform.

White House sources report that 120 posts remain vacant in the Obama administration due to Republican filibusters. Following the successful confirmation of Merwin however, they are optimistic that the president may have a full administration in place by the end of the decade.

Opponents of the Merwin hold a darker view, fearing that the appointment of the 82-year-old poet to such a key government position may bring about the end of democracy itself. "Merwin's written nearly thirty books," says former Alaskan governor and celebrated poet in her own right, Sarah Palin, "Adolph Hitler wrote only one. The fact that Obama knowingly picked someone thirty times worse than Hitler for this job sends a very troubling message about our freedoms."


  1. A fact check shows that as usual, the White House is lying. Not all of Obama's appointments have been blocked by filibuster. Many have been blocked via a "secret hold."

    As for Gov. Palin's remarks, they are 100% true. Hitler did write a book.

    1. Fuck you Irwin. And you know what else, you have bad hair.....yes, bad hair.