Thursday, May 13, 2010

US Law Should Be Based on Bible, or Other Large Book

Yesterday the Inquisition reported on Sarah Palin's comment that US law should be based on the Bible. Readers responded with suggestions of other books to base the law on.

Literature Professor Milton Serle believes all law should be based on Moby Dick, a tome similar to the Bible in that it is over a thousand pages and bears no relation to the US Constitution. Serle would like to see the ban on whaling lifted and believes Congress should devote most of its time to poetic discussion of sperm whale anatomy.

Mabel Stoole of Florida has an alternate view. She would like to see a ban on gay marriage and the estate tax because neither are contained in the phone book, the document she believes the founding fathers wanted our laws based on.

"The idea of basing our laws on any single book is patently absurd," says legal scholar, Genevieve Ford. "It would be better to use a series of books, like the Twilight saga." Ford supports President Obama's policy of being dreamy, but would like to see the administration become more dark and brooding.

There are a handful of political thinkers who believe the only governing document for our nation should be the Constitution itself, but this view has been widely rejected as that book is only four pages long and written in large print.

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