Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is visiting the US this week. During most of his visit, he will be accompanied by Vice President Biden. The Inquisition has secured an exclusive transcript of the moment President Obama asked Biden to handle the visit. 

PRES. OBAMA: Joe, the Vice President of China is coming. I need you to handle this important state visit.

VP BIDEN: No problem. I'll make sure he has a good time.

PRES. OBAMA: Great. Xi gets here Monday.

VP BIDEN: "She," right. I'll make sure she has a good time.

PRES. OBAMA: You'll be taking the lead once he gets here.

VP BIDEN: When who gets here?

PRES. OBAMA: No, Hu Jintao's not coming.

VP BIDEN: Who's not coming?

PRES. OBAMA: Right. Xi's coming instead.

VP BIDEN: She is?

PRES. OBAMA: Yes, Xi is. And I need you to make him feel welcome.

VP BIDEN: Eh, wait, wait.

PRES. OBAMA: No, don't bring up Ai Weiwei. That's a touchy subject. Just be on your best behavior with him.

VP BIDEN: With who?

PRES. OBAMA: No, Hu's the President of China.

VP BIDEN: I asked you first.

PRES. OBAMA: Maybe Hillary should handle his one.

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