Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rick Astley Fan Gets Tricked into Looking at Outrageous Pics of Miley Cyrus

A fan of 80's pop artist, Rick Astley was disappointed this weekend while searching on YouTube for the video, Never Gonna Give You Up. "I clicked on a video that promised to be the real thing," explained Dirk Gleason, of Belcourt, North Dakota, "and instead I found Miley Cyrus mooning someone. Why would anybody post that?"

Later, Gleason was sure he had found the actual video. "This is definitely it," he said triumphantly, adding, "Hold on… World of Warcraft cheats? What the f--k?"

The actual, honest-to-God, video for the song that reached #1 on the American, British, and Canadian charts in 1987 appears at this link: We promise.

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