Saturday, January 16, 2010

QVC, Playboy Demand Status in White House Press Corps.

WASHINGTON, DC- On Wednesday, Fox News devoted less than seven minutes of airtime to the earthquake in Haiti, further proving, as the White House alleged last fall, that Fox is not an actual news network. Nevertheless, the News Corp. owned channel continues to enjoy West Wing office space as part of the White House press corps. Now other non-news networks are demanding equal status.

"We should be able to ask the press secretary if buying Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma Skin Treatment could be an economic stimulus," a QVC spokesperson says. "That's at least as relevant as talking about tea-baggers."

"We want equal respect," a spokesperson for Syfy explains. "There was more science fiction in Fox's recent report on 'global cooling' then in our upcoming flesh-eating hamster movie, starring Lorenzo Lamas."

"I just want to ask who the president thinks will win the Puppy Bowl," says an Animal Planet correspondent.

The Playboy Channel, TV Land, and Cartoon Network also are seeking White House bureaus. Press Secretary Robet Gibbs has yet to comment on whether space will be allotted for them.

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