Friday, August 21, 2009

Online Town Hall Meeting Interrupted by Angry Rebuffering

President Barack Obama attempted to take his message of healthcare reform to the Internet yesterday in an online town hall meeting, only to be repeatedly interrupted by angry rebuffering of the streaming video. "You've all heard the rumors," the president told his online audience, "that healthcare reform will create death panels, that it will require mandatory randomly administered sex change operations, and that it will be paid for by selling our children into slave labor in China. Let me be very clear, once and for all that all of these rumors are---" At that point the video feed froze, leaving viewers' doubts still unresolved.

Morgan Wytuck, a healthcare opponent who carried a firearm as he watched the forum from his home, was pleased to see the president meet such resistance. "See," Wytuck says, "even the Internet itself is opposed to Obamacare."

"It's true," the Internet explains, "I've heard the Obama plan includes a provision to kill funny cats, and without funny cat videos, I'm nothing."

Click here to view President Obama's full online forum.

Or if you'd prefer to view funny cats, just click below.

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